BLACC stands for Bonafide Love Advancing Cultural Change


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What does BLACC stand for?

BLACC stands for Bonafide Love Advancing Cultural Change. We believe that through showing genuine and authentic love with each other we can create a cultural change that will benefit all.

What makes BLACC Bottle different from other bottles?

BLACC Bottle is a black owned brand that was made with elegance in mind. BLACC Bottle highlights positive affirmations on the back to motivate and inspire everyone that uses it. Looking at BLACC Bottle reminds people to strive for greatness in all aspects of life. BLACC Bottle’s goal is to create a strong social impact that inspires people to uplift and inspire each other.

How does BLACC Bottle help others?

We strongly believe that people in inner cities are at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving resources to help them learn about business and finances. We achieve our mission by raising funds through the sales of our BLACC Bottles. We utilize these funds to help people start their businesses and learn about finances. For every 1,000 BLACC Bottles sold, we take 5% of revenue generated to award an entrepreneur with seed money to either start or fund their business.

What is different about BLACC Bottle compared to other bottle companies?

What sets us apart is our branding and mission. We inspire people through our messages and help them feel empowered to achieve all their goals. We want to make a lasting impact on millions of lives. When you purchase a BLACC Bottle, you are purchasing a luxurious water bottle that creates change through the promotion of love, unity, and positivity.

How long does it take to receive my BLACC Bottle?

Typically it only takes between 3-7 business days to receive your BLACC Bottle. We begin processing orders as soon as we receive them.



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