BLACC stands for Bonafide Love Advancing Cultural Change

Our Team

Necas Collins, MBA, Finance & Analytics Intelligence


My Journey started when I migrated from Jamaica to the U.S. on a soccer scholarship to compete and pursue higher education. While this transition was not easy, I had to leave everything and everyone I knew behind in order to fulfill my dreams. Looking back I would say it was worth the challenge. Over time, through my hard work, a strong appetite for business knowledge, and a student mindset. I was able to attract an experienced and successful network of diverse individuals who continue to mentor me. Through these relationships and experiences of people pouring into me each day to be better. I've made it my life's goal to impact change no matter how small it may be. Kevin Heath stated, “that no act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a ripple that over time turns into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many”. At BLACC Bottle we've made the foundation of our company to impact change through our Products, Messages, and our community involvement.

Ralph White

Vice President

My journey began on an European peninsula better known as Italy. At the age of 8, my family and I moved to the United States, where I really begun to find myself. At first, not being able to clearly communicate and relate to my peers I fell back to something that was always familiar to me. Sports. As I grew from a scholar athlete to a member of Corporate America sports showed me from an early age how powerful a team can be if each individual focused on a singular goal. I've made it a mission of mine to continue to find ways to encourage what sports encouraged me to do in others. Be relentless. Be selfless. Be humble. JFK once stated, "A rising tide, lifts all boats." I truly enjoy pouring into others because I think there's room for all of us to win. At BLACC Bottle we've made the foundation of our company to impact change through our Products, Messages, and our community involvement.

Delano Bennett

Managing Member

My journey began at the age of 18 when I got on a plane that changed my whole life. I rose above all odds when I migrated to the United States with only $200 in my pocket. I had to find myself without letting the world dictate what I believed in. Coming from a place of instability, where I didn’t know when or if I’d have a next meal. I surprised myself by being able to find ways to provide for my daughter and my family. Through all the trials and tribulations that I’ve seen in my life, I truly believe that whatever obstacles are thrown at you in this journey we call life. The best version of you can conquer them all. Greatness is something that everyone has. For some it comes naturally, but for others, you have to seek it out. The one constant is that we all have to work on our individual greatness. I want to use my journey to inspire others and motivate them to unlock what’s within them. At BLACC Bottle we've made the foundation of our company to impact change through our Products, Messages, and our community involvement.

Moeez Khawaja

Summer Intern

“Life is a marathon not a sprint”, a quote I once heard from my elders which stuck with me since. I am Moeez Khawaja and my journey began 16 years ago in a small town in Pakistan. My family and I came to the U.S. in 2010 with just a dream of my parents which was to give me and my siblings a better education and life than the one they had back home. Since then it has been my goal to always go above and beyond and make sure I do not let them down as I am the youngest of my siblings. Becoming valedictorian in Middle school really opened my eyes, making me realize anything is possible if you work hard enough to achieve it.

Throughout my years in high school I have maintained a gpa of over 4.2 and have made sure I am involved in my community and giving back. Just recently I was given an opportunity to take part in a program called YELT through the Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders and I was able to learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the behind the scenes of creating a product or service. Through the program I was offered an internship which would help me get a better understanding of how a business is run and here I am, a team member of the “Blacc Bottle Family”. I am really grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to bring my knowledge and skills to the table and help “Blacc Bottle” grow more than it already has and spread the love, unity and positivity however else I can.



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