BLACC stands for Bonafide Love Advancing Cultural Change

Fund the Journey

Participants are awarded a stipend to start their self-development journey!


Participants will have the opportunity to be mentored by community leaders!

Our Commitment to Change:

With our Financial Literacy Program we’ve committed to providing a way for young people in our community to learn the life skills that we didn’t receive through the educational system. We strongly believe that exposing young people to finances and business at an early age puts them in a better position to succeed as adults.

Why We Care:

Through our experiences we found that the first time that young people in the inner city are exposed to finances and business is when the transition between childhood and adulthood happens. We want to change that by providing opportunities for young people to learn the fundamentals of finances and business, while getting them excited about the multitude of ways that they can set themselves up for success. Helping young people build a solid foundation is essential to us because we've had people in our lives help us along our journey. This is how we pay it forward.

We partner with local organizations that focus on enriching the lives of high school students. BLACC Bottle sponsors free business and financial literacy planning classes for them to build out their creative business ideas.


BLACC Bottle Financial Literacy program recipient Enton Hart! Enton is a local high school student who recently opened up his first investment portfolio and launched his new clothing brand called Punctuation!

BLACC Bottle Sponsors

Companies that have partnered with us to help advance the culture.



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